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How old must i be to rent a motorhome?

The driver and renter must be at least 21 years old!

Which driving license class is required?

Al our motorhomes may be driven with the driving license class B (<3.5 t).

Terms of payment and payment options

Upon receipt of the rental agreement and your signature, you must make a deposit of 50% of the rental amount within 5 working days. The remaining rental price is payable up to 30 days before departure. The deposit and service fee can either be transferred with the final payment or be deposited with us at the vehicle delivery (in cash).

If less than 30 days remain between your booking and travel, you either transfer your entire rental price immediately or pay for it when picking up the vehicle (cash).

What documents do I need to bring?

Bring the driver's licenses of the vehicle driver and your IDs in the original and at best with a copy for pickup. Also, the lease must be brought!

When does the vehicle transfer take place?

The handover is always in the afternoon from 17 clock.

When do I have to return my vehicle on the day of delivery?

You must leave your vehicle by 14:00 at the latest. Should it come without consultation with the travel team to major delays, so we have to charge you an extra day.

Can I take pets with me?

Only with prior agreement.

Can I take out a travel cancellation insurance or holiday insurance with you?

No, but we recommend you different suppliers.

What services does the rental price include?

  • A fully tanked, cleaned and high quality motorhome for the rental period
  • Free kilometers according to the call for tenders
  • Fully comprehensive and partial comprehensive insurance of the vehicle
  • During the rental period incurred wear repairs
  • Foreign Schutzbrief
  • Special equipment such as: sun awning, solar system

What other costs are apart from the rental price?

You must pay a deposit of 1000 EUR with us.

In addition, a service fee of 80 EUR.

What does the service fee include?

Ready to use, careful training and individual vehicle handover and take back, 5 safety vests, 11 kg.Gas bottle, fresh water filling, toilet chemistry, power cable, adapter cable, compensating wedges (only alcove and part / integrated) and water hose.

(Should the gas and chemical inventory contained in the service fee not be sufficient for the rental period, it is up to the tenant to refill the gas cylinder or to buy the chemicals.)

How are the vehicles insured?

The insurance is included in the rental price. Our vehicles are fully comprehensive insured with 1000 € deductible, as well as partial insurance with 300 € deductible.

Are all kilometers free?

You have 2000 free kilometers per week.

Each additional kilometer is charged at € 0.29 per kilometer.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, in the main season the minimum rental period is 7 days, otherwise - unless otherwise agreed - 3 days.

For which damage is the renter liable?

For all damage caused by the renter

Who is responsible for wear damage?

The lessor is liable for wear damage without outside influence.

Will the motorhome be fully refueled when handed over?

Our vehicles are handed over with a full tank and must be returned as well.

To which countries am I allowed to drive my rented motorhome?

With only a few exceptions they are allowed to travel all over Europe.

The exceptions are limited to: Israel, Iran, Morocco, Russia and Tunisia.

In Cyprus and Serbia you are only allowed to drive in areas where the green insured card is valid. The destination and the passing countries must be clarified in advance with the landlord. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you smoke in the motorhomes or are there any in which this is allowed?


Can I park my car near the transfer station while traveling with the motorhome?

You are welcome to park your vehicle for free during your holiday on our premises.

Are dishes, camping table and chairs in the motorhome available?

Dishes Yes, you can book camping table and chairs, a table 10 €, chairs 10 € per chair.

Can I attach my private child seat to the motorhome for my child?

All standard child seats and booster seats for cars can be installed in our motorhomes.

Can I extend my lease afterwards?

You can extend your lease only with our agreement, if for this day (-e) no booking has been made.

How are the transfer and the return date offset?

The first and last day counts as half a day, so we only charge you one day for these two days.

What should I pay attention to when returning?

Your rented vehicle must be filled up and returned with the toilet cassette empty and clean.

The water tanks do not need to be refilled, as are the gas bottles. Only the gray water tank must be emptied. The vehicle must be returned completely cleaned inside and outside.

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