Can I park at the street and stay overnight in the camper?

One night is usually allowed. In Germany, you can relax in the car, so take a nap to be fit for the onward journey again.This also applies in the motorhome and usually also overnight. But it is really only allowed to rest. Usually ten hours are considered sufficient. Two nights or more is not considered a rest break and is not allowed.

This is usually regulated differently abroad. An overview of where to stay or free camping is allowed  ADAC ready.


May I spend the night in the mobile home in front of the house? 
No, not strictly speaking. To use the motorhome as an outsourced guest room does not serve to rest for the onward journey, but would be a special use of the street space. In practice, however, hardly any city or municipality will intervene, as long as it is only one night.

Can I park if a sign says "Only for cars"? 
No, RVs over 2.8 tonnes gross vehicle weight - and these are the majority of motorhomes - are not in Germany as a car. They may not stand in such parking lots. The same applies if car parking is allowed with two wheels on the sidewalk. It is different if the sign only "parking" is. There are RVs allowed. The inmates are not allowed to camp, so they have to put out tables or chairs. On the other hand, they are allowed to use the camping equipment in the car. Basically, the following applies: Parking is permitted where road traffic regulations permit and it is not expressly prohibited. The usual rules apply, for example, that the vehicle may not protrude beyond pre-marked parking areas.

What about supermarkets? There are often signs: "Only cars". 
Strictly speaking, only cars are allowed, not motorhomes over 2.8 tons. The purpose of these signs is more likely that campers do not use the area as a parking space overnight. The company Lidl responded to our request: "Of course you can park for your purchase with your motorhome on our parking lots. Only one night is not allowed. "

In front of our house is the mobile home of the neighbor. Parking space is scarce here. May it park for months on the roadside? 
Yes, traffic regulations treat RVs like normal cars. As long as the vehicle is registered and ready to drive, theoretically it can remain there indefinitely if it does not violate traffic regulations. For example, from outside mirrors, more than three meters of remaining width of the roadway must remain. This is different with Wohnanhängern. Without a tractor, they may park for a maximum of 14 days in the public traffic area.

Does the German environmental zone also apply to motorhomes? 
Yes. The environmental zones also apply to motorhomes. Especially for older vehicles, many cities are therefore restricted area. You are not allowed to drive there. Some cities make exceptions and allow access to inner city parking spaces.

The lender says I should better not drive with full water tanks, because then the permissible total weight is quickly exceeded. 
This problem is becoming more common. Although some manufacturers install tanks with a volume of 150 liters, they fill the tanks with only 10 liters when calculating the permitted load. Whether this is allowed is legally controversial.The Higher Regional Court of Nuremberg made it clear that a motorhome would be used for traveling and living.Therefore, enough water for the inmates to be on board. If there were only 300 kilos of payload including people on board with fully filled tanks, that would not be enough, at least for a 7.5-tonne mobile (Az. 4 U 372/01).

Can I drain shower or rinse water on the roadside when it runs into a gully? 
No. The German Highway Code forbids dirtying the road. Do not drain wastewater on the road, even if it is just rinse water. Also, the discharge into the sewer system is prohibited. This is especially true for the contents of fecal tanks or portable toilets.

Are there insurance against burglary and theft? 
Yes, regardless of whether the RV is purchased or rented: Who wants to arm against thieves, can take out a luggage insurance. However, many contracts do not work at night between 22 and 6 o'clock. Alternatively, some companies offer content insurance for motorhomes. At the ADAC, for example, the camping policy for touring vehicles applies in the event of theft, damage to the inventory caused by an accident or breakage in the exterior glazing. In the case of damage to consumer electronics, it pays a maximum of 5,000 euros, for solar systems 1,500 euros. The annual fee is at least 75 euros. In addition, in case of damage, a deductible. Insurance brokers also offer similar policies. For example, CA Camping Assekuranz replaces up to € 15,000 for luggage, cameras, computers or bicycles. Ask for the exclusions. Some cash, jewelry or cell phones are not insured.

Does Housebreaking Insurance not help with burglary? 
No, not usually. For this you would have to conclude a tariff that explicitly extends the protection of household goods to cars parked on the street. There are such additives. It is best to ask your insurer.

Otherwise, the household policy applies only when breaking into solid buildings such as apartments or hotel rooms. An RV is not considered an insured building, judged the District Court of Coburg (Az. 15 C 393/01). It is different when it is in a garage or a public car park.

On which insurance do I have to pay attention when renting? 
Most important is motor insurance. But this policy must anyway have every vehicle registered in Germany. In addition, rented mobile homes are usually also fully comprehensive. That makes sense, because the vehicles are often worth tens of thousands of euros. In addition, repairs are often more expensive than for cars. Glass breakage, which can be repaired on a car for a few hundred euros, can cost a few thousand euros for motorhomes. Often a damage of 300 or 500 euros is due for damages. Better are contracts without a deductible. Then you do not have to argue about small scratches when returning. The mending pays the insurance. If the driver was grossly negligent, she could cut her performance, for example, if one ignores the clearance height at a bridge. Ask for contracts that forego such cuts.

If you drive abroad, you have to tell the landlord. In some countries, coverage is inadequate, especially in Eastern Europe. Many lenders exclude trips to Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine or even Iceland.

Are special insurance required when renting abroad? 
Yes, at least they are often useful. Pay attention to the motor vehicle liability insurance. Especially outside of Europe, it is often not enough. In some US states, only $ 5,000 or $ 10,000 is covered by law. That is far too little. In Germany at least 7.5 million euros for personal damage and 1.12 million euros for property damage.

Often the motor vehicle liability insurance for your own car in Germany includes a "Majorca policy": It provides additional liability protection for rental cars, but only within the EU and the geographical boundaries of Europe, including in Switzerland and Norway. Popular holiday destinations such as the Turkish Riviera or the US are left out. For example, the Traveler Policy of the ADAC helps. From 43,50 Euro she gives worldwide liability insurance up to 500 000 Euro. Alternative: You book the motorhome in Germany with a local provider, which offers a sufficient liability sum. It makes sense to also fully comprehensive insurance without deductible abroad.

In addition, an additional foreign claims protection can be helpful: If you have an accident abroad through no fault of your own, you will receive from the foreign insurer compensation according to its domestic regulations. Since many accident victims remain sitting on a balance. The then replaced the German insurer.

Should I take out a car insurance before going on vacation? 
Yes, especially when traveling with a motorhome. So you have a contact person in case of emergency. This saves nerves. The heart of the letter of protection is the help in the event of breakdown and accident. There comes a helper, who makes the car fast again or the towing to the next workshop organized and paid. The repair will not be replaced. If the vehicle has to go to a workshop overnight, the hotel will be paid, usually for a maximum of three nights. If it can not be repaired, the protection provider pays for the onward journey to the destination or the return home. If parents fall ill during a trip abroad, they cover the pick-up of the children with a companion chosen by the customer or send someone themselves. Protection letters are available at many car insurers, as well as car clubs. More information can be found here  Car protection letters (Finanztest 4/2015).

On the trip to the holiday a car drove us into the motorhome. For the repair time we had to rent another. Does the cause of the accident have to pay for it? 
Yes. He has to pay for the rent and the repair. If it is cheaper after the repair to bring your own motorhome to the resort instead of having to continue to rent it, he has to pay for it. It is different if the parked on the roadside in front of the house camper gets in an accident something. The owner uses it mainly for the holidays and has a normal car for everyday life, he gets for the damaged motorhome during the repair no compensation.

Which driving license do I need to drive a camper? 
With an old driver's license class 3 you can drive motorhomes up to 7.5 tons, the driving license class B entitles you to driving motorhomes up to 3.5 tons. Our tip: Familiarize yourself with the mobile home before you drive. Many lenders give a comprehensive briefing. To get a sense of the dimensions it helps to practice shunting in a parking lot - preferably with a co-driver who can guide you. And: Many accidents happen because tenants who otherwise drive a car do not pay attention to the height of bridges, tunnels and multi-storey car parks. So watch out!

Do I have to limit myself with the holiday luggage when I am traveling with the camper? 
It can happen. Some motorhomes can only carry 400 or 500 kilo payload including people on board. There is a family with holiday luggage quickly over it. That gets expensive at police checks. Ask before buying or renting afterwards.



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