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Baltic states

The filling of commercial bottles is possible by means of Euro adapters.


Belgian bottles are identical to the German ones and can be connected to German regulators. A bottle exchange is possible as well as the filling of bottles and tanks at special stations. The largest filling plants in Belgium are Belgian Shell and Totalfina in Brussels, Primagaz in Tessenderlo, Semnickgas in Geraardsbergen, Gasbottling in Ghent.


Gas supply in Denmark generally poses no problems. German 5 and 11 kg bottles are offered for exchange at almost every campsite that is geared to German tourists. Kosan Gas As has filling stations for gray bottles in Nørresundborg near Ålborg (North Jutland), in Koge (Sjælland) and also in Neksø (Bornholm).

Also BP Gas has a number of German bottles, which can be exchanged for empty at some stations. For more information, please call 0045 89 48 77 00.


In France, only the customary gas cylinders are replaced or refilled, whereas foreign bottles are not. You can rent French bottles, mostly 13 kg bottles, for a deposit of about 35, - € at many campsites or petrol stations. With an adapter from the Europe set (already get in Germany) you can then connect these bottles to the gas system in the caravan or motorhome.

Gold painted bottles should even fit without an adapter. Important: when lending a bottle you get a kind of receipt (Bulletin de Consgnation), which should be kept very well, because without this receipt you will not get back the deposit.


Exchange or filling stations are usually found only in the larger cities: Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Monemvassia. It is recommended to bring the Europa filling set with you. ADAC members can also contact the ADAC International Emergency Call Station in Athens, Tel .: (01) 960 12 66 or, if they are outside opening hours, the Greek partner club ELPA, Tel .: 104, if necessary.

These sites will then try to find a suitable station to refill or swap. Most campsites can also inform about gas supply.Greek bottles are normally compatible with German regulators. Nevertheless, it is recommended to take along the European collection kit here as well.

For safety reasons, gas is only supplied to gas filling stations at gas filling stations in accordance with Act No. 3054 of the year 2002. So it can also cause difficulties when campers want to fill their solid gas tank, in which the gas supply is used exclusively for gas-powered appliances, such as heating, refrigerator, stove, etc.

Great Britain

In the UK, German bottles are no longer filled. However, it is possible to purchase English 6 and 13 kg bottles from numerous sales outlets of Calorgas, which can be connected to German systems with an adapter (also available from Calorgas). The company Calorgas is also represented in Scotland. Info:


Gas cylinders are refilled at Noel Leaders Shop, Tuam Road, Galway. Further refills can be obtained from Calor Kosangas, Dublin, Tel. (01) 50 5000, and Cork, Tel. (021) 661269.


Gas bottles can be filled at Esso in Reykjavík on Sundahöfn (Kleppsmýrarvegur, not far from the campsite). Also at some "N1" petrol stations you can swap the usual gray gas cylinder with us. Information on exchanging or filling gas cylinders can also be obtained directly from an "N1 shop" in Akueyri, tel .: 461 3444 or 461 552, e-mail: . Fill Hafnarfjörður,

Gas tanks can be found at a company behind the Aluwerk in   but must be registered with Esso and the sale is also on Esso. The yellow Icelandic bottles will fit German systems with a rubber ring placed in the regulator connection.

At Esso in Reykjavík there is a rubber ring for free to the bottle. It should be noted that gas in Iceland is more than 3 times as expensive as in Germany.


Gas supply in Italy is basically unproblematic. You get gas at special exchange or filling stations, but there is no list of such stations. Normally, the individual campsites know addresses or have their own exchange or refill station.

Customary bottles are only sold in the sizes 0.5 kg, 2 kg or 3 kg, rarely you will also find 5 kg bottles. 11 kg bottles are not common. Adapters are almost always necessary, both for connecting Italian bottles to German regulators, as well as for the eventual refilling of German bottles in Italy.

Therefore, it is recommended to take the Europa filling and removal set with you. The supply of LPG to gas stations for camping vehicles with fixed gas tank, for use for heating, cooking, etc. is prohibited for tax reasons.


Bottles, which are not older than five years, are refilled at the branches of the supplier INA, partly at private farms and also at many campsites. It is recommended to take the Europa filling set with you, and you can also buy the corresponding adapters in the INA branches.


Refill of German bottles is possible at many gas factories in the following cities: Tiznit, Agadir (direction Tafrarroute), Nador, Mohammedia (on the southern arterial road), Sidi Ifni, Safi, Taza (north to the Rif mountains, after the bridge on the right). The blue bottles of the company Campinggaz are also available.


Dutch bottles are German. Filling or swapping is no problem.


In the Alpine republic, the same bottles are used as in Germany, so exchanging empty gas bottles for full is no problem.


Exchange and filling possible. The bottles correspond to the German ones.


At Repsol or Cepsa petrol stations, Portuguese bottles can be lent (similar to Spain).


German bottles can only be filled in exceptional cases via an adapter. However, it is possible to rent a Swiss bottle with pressure regulator. Information at Shell Gas, Tel: 0041 327 587 555.


German gas cylinders and tanks are easily refilled in Slovenia, usually not even an adapter is needed. Gas can be obtained from Plinarna Ljubljana, Plinarna Maribor, Internia DD Ljubljana in Kozina and OMV Istrabenz DOO in Koper.Information also at campsites.


Since 06.03.1997 in Spain it was no longer allowed by law to deliver gas to private individuals and thus also to tourists at gas stations. According to information from our ADAC International Emergency Call Station (ANS) in Spain, the ban on discharging liquefied natural gas (propane / butane) from 06.03.1997 to private individuals and thus to tourists has been eased. Since mid-July 2003, permanently installed containers (gas tanks) may be refilled at gas filling stations.

However, we are still not allowed to fill any of our 5 and 11 kg gas bottles. This is still the case for our earlier information: Info from March 2003: German tourists can receive 6 kg gas bottles at a Repsol filling station and even 12.5 kg gas bottles at Cepsa petrol stations. The bottles can later be returned to petrol stations for a refund of the deposit.

For Cepsa petrol stations, there is a directory of stations where you can obtain the returnable bottles on the Internet at : Go to with the mouse pointer on the image with the petrol station "qué ofr ecemos", Click on "estaciones de servicio" and then right on "red de estaciones de sevicio". A new page will appear with the map Spain / Portugal, click or enter the corresponding province, the list will be displayed.

To connect the Spanish gas cylinder, a Spanish regulator (with hose nozzle) and a hose with a connection piece left / right with nozzle are needed. That's what you get in the hardware store. Then you can connect the Spanish gas cylinder, despite the peripheral edge, without problems.

Info from December 1999: Particularly specialized companies (eg Repsol) offer the purchase of a so-called "X-Police".

This means that the gas connection of the existing system will be modified / adapted so that Spanish butane gas cylinders can be connected.

Then you rent one or two Spanish gas bottles, with which you can now resume the gas supply in the camper or caravan.These bottles can be refilled again and again. The refill of the Spanish bottles should be very cost effective.

Under the Spanish phone number 901 100 100 you can ask at the company Repsol (allegedly also German, English and French) the nearest customer service, who sends a technician. Or you can inform yourself at the reception at the campsite. There are approximate total costs of about 70, - € to be expected.

You can reach the Repsol head office in Spain at the following number: Repsol Central Tel .: 0034-901 10 01 00; Repsol Barcelona, Tel: 0034-934 36 46 79 and Tel: 0034-932 15 06 54; Cepsa headquarters: Tel .: 0034-913 37 75 29.

Czech Republic

Bottles and tanks can be refilled. The biggest suppliers are Agip, Bohemia Gas, BP • R, • esk • Plyn, Krainpol, Primaplyn Flaga-Plyn. Turkey Sale of 2 and 12 kg bottles from Ipragaz. A list of stations can be found at: . Here you have to enter the city and the district. Then you get the different stations displayed.

Adapters are required and can be purchased at stations with tube for 20, - €. It is possible at the end of the stay in Turkey to return the bottles against return of the deposit. According to member information, the filling of Euro bottles should also be possible at some autogas stations. Stand 06/12


Bottles and tanks can be refilled. In Hungary, the gray bottles common in Germany are used with the same connecting thread. The largest utilities in the country are Primagaz, Totalgaz, Shellgas and Mol.


In Norway, the LPG Norge gas station network (about 100 stations) can also be used to refill the gas cylinders commonly used in Germany. Corresponding adapters are available. A PDF list of stations can be found on the Internet at for download.

AGA offers the following solution to the tourists: The tourist can buy a Norwegian 11 kg bottle (approx. 1.200, - NOK incl. Propane filling) from one of the 800 branches of AGA and an adapter (approx. NOK); Recently, it should also be possible to get 5 kg bottles. At the end of the journey, each branch of AGA will take back the bottle and reimburse 400 NOK. (gray) and has a receipt less than 6 months old. The adapter will not be taken back and remains the property of the tourist. An overview of the gas traders (also for Sweden and Finland) can be obtained from AGA, , Fax: 0047 2202 7805 or Statoil Marketing, Fax: 0047 2296 2210. Attention: The exchange of bottles in Norway is very expensive, approx 35, - € (11 kg bottle).

Sweden and Finland

AGA also has several dealer stations in these countries, where you can rent gas bottles as in Norway. Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish gas cylinders should be compatible.

The exchange requirement for the repayment is that the tourist a propane bottle of AGA a Norwegian bottle z. For example, in Sweden is no problem. In Finland, gas bottles are also distributed by Tehokaasu, .Available at "NESTE" gas stations and rural shops.

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