Tips for the right loading of motorhomes




With the right technology you avoid expensive penalties



The correct loading of motorhomes is essential for safety while driving. Only with properly stowed cargo within the maximum permissible mass, the handling behavior of the loaded mobile remains stable. In no case may the total weight be exceeded. Therefore, in case of doubt, check the "travel weight" of the mobile including luggage and all persons involved in the journey on a public balance before departure. Also the TÜV or the DEKRA offer favorable weighing possibility.

For the correct loading of a recreational vehicle, the following should be noted:

Store heavy objects near the floor between the axles (eg in the compartments under the benches in the middle of the vehicle); in the kitchen, use the base cabinets for supplies (eg cans).

Light luggage (eg clothing) belongs in the upper cabinets, can also be loaded behind the rear axle; in front-wheel drive vehicles (Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen) nothing heavy load into the rear, because the weight relieves the front axle and the traction is deteriorated; Storage for large, heavy items should be designed with non-slip rubber mats.

When stowing your luggage, make sure you have the same weight ratios right and left. Heavy objects should be deposited between the axles. Some vehicles have a double floor, which is easily accessible and very spacious.

Roof luggage must always be securely fastened. Attention: Weigh the luggage in advance, as the roof may only be loaded with a certain load.

Roof load: (ask the manufacturer). With frequent use of the roof as a transport space, a roof box is an advantage: the luggage is always protected and does not need to be fastened separately.

After installing the roof box, the new vehicle height should be checked and clearly marked in the cockpit. Unpleasant surprises with the mobile in the tunnel or under bridges are to be avoided. Protected from the outside storage compartments are best protected by plastic sheeting, so that even dirty or wet things can be stored here on the way.

If weight problems often occur when loading the motorhome, the permissible total weight can be increased individually. Dealers or manufacturers offer various ways to increase the surcharge.

The overcharge costs in the overview:

Exceeding the permissible number by * Euro Points
more than 5 percent 10 -
more than 10 percent 30 -
more than 15 percent 35 -
more than 20 percent 95 1
more than 25 percent 140 1
more than 30 percent 235 1

* Overloading the car (with a gross vehicle weight of up to 7.5 tonnes) or the trailer (with a gross vehicle weight of up to 2 tonnes) as a driver or vehicle owner.

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